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In this 3way (1x18", 1x10", 1x1") cab great attention has been paid to the horn loading and tuning of these drivers, resulting in high efficiency, clarity and realism. The wide and precise dispersion makes them ideal for larger applications. Can be used as full range stand alone cabs or as part of a larger system with Funktion One sub cabs.
Frequency Response ± 4dB: 45Hz - 18kHz Weight (without wheelboard): 76kg
Nominal Dispersion: 50° Hor x 25° Vert Construction: 18mm Birch Ply Connectors: NL8 Speakon (with links)
Tightly compacted short horn loaded duel 18" neo drivers squeeze into this cabinet. 2000w total means deep bass coupled with distinctive funktion one punch.
Frequency Response ± 3dB: 25Hz - 200Hz Weight (without wheelboard): 82kg
Construction: 18mm Birch Ply Connectors: 2 x NL4 Speakon
With twin horn loaded 12" mid drivers and matching 1.5" high frequency drivers. These cabs look mean and sound even better, the narrow dispersion allows tight direction of sound over huge distances.
Frequency Response ± 3dB: 150Hz - 19kHz Weight: 110kg approx
Nominal Dispersion: 25° Hor x 25° Vert Construction: 18mm MDF Connectors: 2 x NL8 Speakon
To keep up with modern demands this box has been upgraded to 2 x 18" neo driver, mounted inside a short horn-loaded cabinet, designed for tight kicky bass. In or outdoors this box is especially good at dance music with 4/4 beats.
Frequency Response ± 3dB: 38Hz - 210Hz Weight: 120kg approx
Construction: 18mm MDF Connectors: 2 x NL4 Speakon
A unique and original 2 x 10" loaded mid cabinet designed by funktion one's Tony Andrews in the late 1970's for use at festivals. With its tight phase plugged horn, its narrow dispersion is ideally used to fire mid and voice sounds over vast spaces.
Frequency Response ± 3dB: 150Hz - 300Hz Weight: 40kg approx
Nominal Dispersion: 25° Hor x 25° Vert Construction: 18mm Birch Ply Connectors: 2 x NL4 Speakon
AMPLIFIERS / PROCESSING We use only reccomended MC2, Void Audio, Crown and Camco amplifiers with XTA or BSS Processing. This ensures the speakers are getting only the best quality signal processing and power available. Details of models and power ratings available on request.

Funktion One - Void Audio - Turbosound - BSS - XTA - MC2 - Crown - Camco

All above soundsystems are proffessional equipment and connot be set up or run by anyone but an experienced team,
Hense NOT being available for dry hire.
We have public liability insurance to cover hires in any venue of your choosing.

We can cater for all size venues, Small function rooms to 1000+ capcity outdoor festival stages.

If you have any questions on any hire items, have a hire enquiry or any other questions
email us:

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